Microsemi Corporation Electronic Engineer, Aerospace in Ennis, Ireland

Postion: Electronic Engineer, Aerospace

Department: Aerospace Integrated Power Solutions (IPS) Business Unit, DISG

Qualification: Electronic or Electrical Engineering Degree required

Scope of position:

Microsemi's Aerospace IPS Centre of Excellence in Ennis Ireland is a research, development and production facility supporting the design, development and manufacturing of Microsemi's new product line of high reliability aerospace Integrated Power SolutionsTM (IPS). As the aerospace sector continues to demand higher levels of power electronics reliability and integration in order to realize the goal of more electric aircraft (MEA), Microsemi's Aerospace IPS Centre of Excellence plays a critical role in supporting this objective.

Products from this centre, such as the aviation power core module (PCM) incorporating a FPGA and hybrid power drive (HPD) stages. The PCM controls the electrical motors used in applications such as primary flight control actuation and landing gear systems.

The Aerospace team in Ennis are part of the Microsemi IPS group, which takes the approach of providing complete sub-system level power solutions for our customers. Our primary market is in flight critical commercial aviation systems and other high reliability applications such as Space systems. We see ourselves as partners to our customers providing differentiated solutions that address system and sub-system level challenges. We place great emphasis on validated solutions that work right the first time.

We have a number of key Engineering positions in our aerospace Ennis based design team. The Aerospace Electronic Engineer position executes electrical design and development of power and control electronics.

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design and implement power conversion designs to requirements, considering sources, loads and standard space and aviation electrical power quality.
  • Design and integrate digital control, monitoring and communication hardware into standard and custom power system products.
  • Design, simulate and implement electrical motor power drive electronics.
  • Define new technology roadmaps for future integrated power solutions.
  • Analyse requirements for proposals, develop winning solution concepts and present results in a clear and convincing style in technical sections of proposals.
  • Solve customer application problems and technical issues relating to power conversion.
  • Conduct performance evaluations on new power IC devices, including making a determination as to what to test and how to perform the tests.
  • Liaise with Mechanical Design and Drafting functions to ensure robust and producible product designs.
  • Analyse and develop Test Plans and procedures for Qualification and Acceptance processes.
  • Analyse product component requirements and develop procurement control drawings and documentation to ensure compliant product Bills of Material.
  • Create and update internal product specifications, process flows and test procedures in accordance with governing body requirements and/or customer specific drawings.
  • Analyse product test non-conformance items. Develop cause and corrective action plans for product specification compliance and product support processes.
  • Support new product proposals and proposals to modify existing products.
  • Take on other engineering duties as required and assigned.
  • Support in-house training programmes as required.
  • Travel internationally on occasion as requested.

Requirements / Essential Skills / Attributes

  • Electronic or Electrical Engineering degree required.
  • Three years' experience in high reliability electronics environment, preferably in space or aviation applications, is desirable.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office suite and electrical design analysis software.
  • Candidate must have exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Candidate must have excellent attention to detail and Technical Writing skills.
  • Strong ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams and interface well with peers and management in a corporate setting.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Decision-making, problem resolution and resourceful thinking skills.
  • Ability to multi-task across various tasks with shifting priorities.
  • Highly energetic, motivated and self-starter.
  • Willing to work in an environment that allows initiative and requires flexibility.
  • Requires some international travel.

  • Electronic or Electrical Engineering degree required.

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled